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Located on the Southern Oregon Coast just 70 miles north of the California border, Port Orford was the first town settled on the Oregon Coast. The most westerly city in the contiguous United States, Port Orford boasts a rugged, yet accessible coastline, plenty of outdoor activities, and one of only six "dolly" ports in the world.

With around 1,100 citizens, Port Orford has a relaxed, unhurried atmosphere and no stop lights. It has a very active artistic community with many art galleries.


- River and Ocean Fishing
- Crabbing
- Whale Watching
- Bird Watching
- Storm Watching
- Hiking
- Biking
- Kayaking
- Scuba Diving
- Agate Hunting
- Beach Combing
- Surfing
- Kite Flying
- Gallery Walking
      Activities include whale watching and surfing

        - Cape Blanco Lighthouse
- Hughes House
- Coast Guard Museum
- Port and Boat Lift
- Battle Rock Beach
- Paradise Point Beach
- Garrison Lake
- Sixes River
- Elk River Hatchery
- Floras Lake
- West Coast Game Park
- Prehistoric Gardens
- Rogue River Boat Ride

Want more information? Check out the following:
- www.enjoyportorford.com
- www.visittheoregoncoast.com
- Local weather